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"Reading can never die out among Christians. This is because the whole Christian revelation centers around a Book. God chose to reveal Himself to us in the most personal way throughout His Word - the Bible. The word Bible is simply the Greek word for "the Book". The Centrality of the Bible means that the very act of reading can have spiritual significance. Whereas other religions may stress visions, experiences or even the silence of meditation as the way to achieve contact with the divine, Christianity insists on the role of Language." Gene Edward Veith, Jr.


First, read all books published by Lamplighter Publishing!
Then move on to these:
Ben Hur – Lew Wallace

<em>Ben</em>-<em>Hur</em>: A Tale of the Christ [<em>Book</em>]
The Robe , Magnificent Obsession, The Big Fisherman – Lloyd Douglas

<em>The Robe</em> [Book]

Ramona – Helen Hunt Jackson

<em>Ramona</em> [<em>Book</em>]
Ishmael, Self Raised, The Hidden Hand – Lamplighter Publishing
The Count of Monte Cristo – Alexander Dumas
<em>The Count Of Monte Cristo</em> [<em>Book</em>]

Man in the Iron Mask – Dumas

<em>The Man in the Iron Mask</em> [<em>Book</em>]
Three Musketeers – Dumas
<em>The Three Musketeers</em> [<em>Book</em>]

Two From Galilee, Three From Galilee, The Messiah – Marjorie Holmes
<em>Two from Galilee</em> [Book]

Lost Horizon – James Hilton

<em>Lost Horizon</em>: A Novel [<em>Book</em>]
Any Mysteries by Dorothy L. Sayers
Le Miserables – Victor Hugo
<em>Les Misérables</em> [<em>Book</em>]

Wish You Well – David Baldacci
<em>Wish you well</em> [Book]
Peace Like a River – Leif Unger
<em>Peace Like a River</em> [<em>Book</em>]
Any of the Wizard of Oz books by Frank L. Baum
15 <em>Books</em> in 1: L. Frank Baum's Original "<em>Oz</em>" <em>Series</em>. the Wonderful ...
Sweetness to the Soul, Love to Water My Soul – Jane Kirkpatrick

<em>A Sweetness to the Soul</em> [Book]

<em>Love to Water My Soul</em> [Book]
Kinship Series by Jane Kirkpatrick
<em>Kinship</em> and Courage <em>Series</em>, Vols 1-3
Anything by George MacDonald
Anna Karenina – Tolstoy
<em>Anna Karenina</em> [<em>Book</em>]
Rebecca – Daphne du Maurier
<em>Rebecca</em> [<em>Book</em>]
Gone With the Wind – Mitchell
<em>Gone with the Wind</em> [<em>Book</em>]
Doctor Zhivago – Boris Pasternik
<em>Doctor Zhivago</em> [<em>Book</em>]
The Scarlet Pimpernel – Baroness Orczy
<em>The Scarlet Pimpernel</em> [<em>Book</em>]
The Good Earth – Pearl Buck
<em>The Good Earth</em> [<em>Book</em>]
Ishbane Conspiracy – Randy Alcorn (Spiritual warfare)
The <em>Ishbane Conspiracy</em> [<em>Book</em>]
Mother Carey's Chickens
<em>Mother Carey's Chickens</em> [<em>Book</em>]
The African Queen, Horatio Hornblower series – C.S. Forrester
Anne Frank -
Exodus, Mila 18 – Leon Uris
Endless Steppe – Esther Hautzig
To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee
Tale of Two Cities – Dickens (anything by Dickens for that matter)
Uncle Tom’s Cabin – Harriet Beecher Stowe

Mark of the Lion Series – Francine Rivers

Last Sin Eater – Francine Rivers
The Eyes of the World – Harold Bell Wright

That Printer of Udell’s – Harold Bell Wright

Five Smooth Stones - Ann Fairbairn

Tale of Despereaux, The Magician's Elephant, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, - Kate DiCamillo
Bonfire of the Vanities - Tom Wolfe
Winds of War, War and Remembrance - Hermann Wouwk
The Help - Kathryn Stackett
Jane Eyre - Bronte

The Forgotten Garden - Kate Morton

The Secret Keeper - Kate Morton

Prisoner of Birth - Jeffrey Archer

The Woman In White - Wilkie Collins

        Image result for the girl you left behind
    The Girl You Left Behind

    The Nightingale - Kristen Hannah


Reading Between the Lines - Gene Edward Veith, Jr
I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be an Atheist
Heaven - Randy Alcorn
The Truth War - John MacArthur
The Jesus You Can't Ignore - John MacArthur
Tale of Three Kings - Gene Edwards
The Divine Romance - Gene Edwards
Can Man Live Without God - Ravi Zacharias
War of Words - Paul David Tripp
The Ever-Loving Truth - Voddie Baucham Jr
What He Must Be If He Wants to Marry My Duaghter -

Voddie Baucham Jr
Humility - Andrew Murray
A Landscape With Dragons (The Battle for Your Child's Mind) - Michael D. O'Brien
Tale of Three Kings - Gene Edwards

Children's Books
The tale of Despereaux - Kate Di-Camillo
The Magnificent Journey of Edward Tulane - Kate Di Camillo
The Magicians Elephant - Kate Di Camillo
The Veleveteen Rabbit
Peter and the Starcatchers Series
Mary Poppins series
Wizard of Oz - all 11 by Frank L Baum
Stand Tall Molly Lou Mellon


When a nation begins to look at her material wealth as greater in importance than the moral and physical welfare of her people, she has taken the first step downwards."

"His heart was very sore and sad. There was a wrong somewhere; yet on whose head should the blame fall? That God did not ordain this misery he felt quite sure. No; the fault lay in man's own selfishness, not in God's rule. It was the old plea urged by Cain. "Am I my brother's keeper? (Genesis 4:9) repeated silently or loudly by almost every human being. It was the same black warp running all through the web of social life."

2 quotes from "The Crew Of the Dolphin" -


"See, in this lily, my daughter, the symbol of innocence. Its leaves are of a whiteness which outvies that of the richest satin, and equals that of the driven snow. Happy is the daughter whose heart is also pure; remember, it is 'the pure in heart who shall see God.' But the more pure the colour, the more difficult to preserve it in all its purity. The slightest taint can spoil the flower of the lily; and it must be touched even with the greatest precaution, lest it retain the blemish. Thus, also, one word, one thought, can rob the mind of its purity. Let the rose, said he pointing to that flower, "be an image of modesty. The blush of modesty is more beautiful than that of the rose, as it rises to the cheek of a modest girl. But there is yet another lesson to be learned from the rose: after its beautiful colours have faded, it still retains its fragrance; when its leaves are brown and withered, they are even sweeter than in their fresh and lovely youth. Thus it is, dear Mary, with a true Christian. Thus let it be with you."

Excerpt from The Basket of Flowers by Cristoph Von Schmid

I am studying in 1 Thessalonians about sexual purity and why God places such emphasis on this particular topic - our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and when we give our lives to Christ, we are co-joined with Christ. This is quite the thought to ponder especially in a culture that celebrates anything and everything as acceptable behavior.

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  1. Nicole, Have you read any of Sigrid Undset? "Kristen Lavransdatter" and the "Master of Hestviken" were memorizing for me.