Friday, August 30, 2013

"And the two shall become one flesh..."

I've prayed for you for a long, long time - I knew that you were out there; just waiting for God's timing to introduce you to our beautiful Jordan. Some of my prayers were very specific, and intentional.

1. Please send a Godly man into Jordan's life so she won't be lonely. Genesis 2:18
2. Fill that void with Your presence until such a time as You see fit to fill it with the one that you already have in mind for her, and are grooming for just that purpose. Jer. 29:11-13
3. That he would have a sense of humor - laughter is good medicine! Prov. 17:22
4.  Fill his heart with the desire to love and honor You all the days of his life. Matt. 22:37
5.  May he always know that the only person who could love her more is You. Lam. 3:22
6.  Plant in him a desire to be a provider, protector and priest to his family.
7.  Instill in him a desire to love children and to desire a "quiver full of arrows". Psalm 127:5
8.  Have him grow to love Remick and Easton too, and realize that they are a part of who Jordan is and he cannot have her without them - it's a package deal.
9. Have him fashion a pedestal for Jordan, and place her upon it and always have this be her place.
10. That he will have eyes only for Jordan, and that she be his Eve each and every time he looks at her.
11. Impress upon him the knowledge that Jordan's heart is his responsibility and that he must guard it with his own heart. Eph. 5:25-29
12. Have him seek God's advice in all matters.
13. Have him  pray for Jordan, always.
14. That he would raise their children to love and honor God all the days of their lives. Deut. 6:7
15. That he would enjoy family dinners on Sunday.
16. He must love dogs, babies,  hugs and movie night at home.
17. That he would learn to see Keith and myself as his parents as well.
18. That he would readily admit when he is wrong and humbly ask for forgiveness, believing that grace is the key to truly loving another person.
19. That he would see Jordan as their homemaker and that her God given uniqueness is that she be the person who makes that home an oasis. Titus 2:5
20. That he realize Jordan craves deep, meaningful conversation, and connections that go beyond the physical.
21. That there will be times when he can't "fix" Jordan and he will need to stand by with open arms, quiet strength, and broad shoulders, allowing God to do His best work through human weakness. 2 Cor. 12:9
22. That Jordan's true beauty is in her soul. 1 Peter 3:3-4

You waited for God's perfect timing and now you have your princess.

Welcome to the family ... we love you.

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